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Partnering with You Every Step of the Way

Whether you are the Plan Sponsor, CPA, Financial Advisor or Recordkeeper initiating your client’s retirement planning, we all share the same ultimate goal: to design and maintain a plan that best serves both the organization and its employees for the long haul.

Over the decades, we’ve learned that the most successful route to this goal is with a partnering approach—one that includes good listening, respecting our clients’ priorities, sharing our expertise in a timely fashion, and maintaining consistent communication.

Beyond the broader goal, we also recognize that each team has unique needs and expectations. RPSI is committed to growing the close working relationships that ensure each entity will be successful in earning the trust and satisfaction of its own clients or employees.

Partnering with
Sponsors, CPAs, Advisors & Recordkeepers

Your ally for client (and employee) success

Partnering is at the core of our time-tested processes, never an afterthought. We serve all those involved in financial planning for retirement, and organizations small to large.

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Alleviate the burdens of maintaining a retirement plan with RPSI. Our entire focus is on helping plan sponsors like you define your goals, design a plan to meet them, and smoothly and seamlessly manage all day-to-day details of retirement plan administration.


We’ve been partnering closely with financial advisors to provide retirement plan administration advice—as well as retirement plan compliance advice—since 1992. Get complete support for clients’ contribution plans.


Ensure you and your clients' needs are met with RPSI. Our plan experts are here to help with any retirement plan collaboration needs as you provide client support, as well as for your own team’s development.


As Third-Party Administrators, we provide the experience in advice, education and communications services that support clients’ ongoing success, and we do so with the same high attention to detail that you do.


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