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No Need to Take Our Word For It…

“I really do appreciate all of your work on the deferral issue.  You were great to work with and you did a super job.
You are great, Afton! Really appreciate all your support and assistance!
Thank you for always being responsive!!”

“Thank you for your flexibility and support.
I support multiple DBA/Advisory Plans with a variety of TPA’s → It is a JOY working with you and the RPSI team.”

“Renee, I can’t thank you enough for being all over this.  Especially with your reply early on a Sunday morning, I’m bowled over by your efforts to bring all parts in line so that John and Vandana can do their in plan Roth conversions.”

“Thanks, Renee! I appreciate your diligence and follow through on this – it’s part of the above-and-beyond service that I love getting from RPSI!”

“RPSI is marvelous and absolutely worth the fees we pay.”

“RPSI has been a reliable partner in my qualified plan business for many years.  Their knowledge in plan design, platform agnostic stance, and efficiency in replying to advisor and client requests makes them a go to resource in the qualified plan space.”

“Thank you for hanging in there with us with all of the problems.  I do appreciate your time your are having to educate us on all of the issues.  Next year is going to be a breeze.”

“Thank you. You ladies are hands down, the BEST!”

“RPSI has proven to be an excellent resource and partner on our retirement plan business, time and time again. Their expertise in plan administration, combined with their proactive team of sales and service professionals, has made them a trusted partner and our go-to TPA for our most valued clients.”

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