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Goal-Driven Retirement Plan Design

Today’s retirement arena has an amazing array of options that make it possible for virtually every company to offer some type of retirement or 401(k) plan design to its employees. It can also make matching products to goals a challenge for the uninitiated.

Your goals for offering a retirement plan benefit are as unique as your organization.

Prioritizing and clarifying how these goals will impact your 401(k) plan design is where RPSIs experience with hundreds of organizations, and our time-proven, goal-driven approach to design, can really help.

Simplifying the design process for your retirement, pension or 401(k) plan design

Designing the right solution for each client’s situation is core to what we do. It demands up-to-date insights and experience with both implementation and the shifting regulatory environment. Our design team consistently evaluates and researches the industry’s changes to help you get plans that are both custom and current—without you having to pore through the data.

Once your goals are prioritized, our experienced team—consulting with your financial advisors or CPA if appropriate—selects the best options for achieving them while minimizing potential costs and other downsides.

We will:

  • Assist you with Defined Benefit or Defined Contribution plans.
  • Prepare comparisons and proposals for various types of plans.
  • Understand legal and regulatory limitations and design plans to maximize the contribution and tax implications as far as possible
  • Work with Profit Sharing, 401(k), 403(b), 457 and other types of qualified pension plans.

Have more questions?

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