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Retirement Plan Acquisition

Ready to Support You Through the Transition

If you’ve decided that administering retirement plans is no longer appropriate for your business—or if you are retiring and want to sell your plan blocks—we can help this process be successful for you and your clients through retirement plan acquisition.

We understand that you’ll be balancing several critical needs: maintaining your reputation as well as your clients’ trust and loyalty, and receiving a fair acquisition resolution for your business.

RPSI’s Two Core Goals with Retirement Plan Acquisitions

RPSI has taken the long-term view in relationship building and business growth since day one, and we take the same approach in retirement plan acquisition.


Ensuring Smooth Transitions

With many acquisition projects under our belts, you can feel confident about our clear yet flexible process that helps guide the transition of information, data, timelines and compliance details to make sure clients’ experience is smooth and seamless.


Providing Fair Value

At the same time, we understand that achieving a fair and equitable return on the sale of your plan block is critical. RPSI takes a partnering approach to all our work, and retirement plan acquisition is no different; we will work with you to achieve the best possible outcome.

If you are interested in discussing possible acquisition of your retirement plan blocks, please give us a call at (800) 388-0441.

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