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Relieving the Burden at Every Stage

Retirement Plan Design, Administration & Management

When you’re setting up or running a retirement plan, the options, questions and ongoing paperwork can quickly become overwhelming. At RPSI, eliminating those headaches and frustrations for our clients in one of our top priorities.

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The RPSI Process

Relieving the Burden of Retirement Plan Administration

The ongoing shifts and changes in compliance details and audits required for any retirement plan make staying on stable ground a challenge for today’s company plan sponsors. As a Third-Party Administrator (TPA), our comprehensive retirement plan services offer you the very real benefit of peace of mind, as well as freeing up time on your calendar.

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We weigh your needs against our experience with hundreds of companies and our understanding of the regulatory environment.

We’ll help guide your choice based on your budget, goals and company mission.

Our staff and your plan guru are always available to offer guidance and make adjustments. 

Our ERISA attorney keeps you compliant and apprised of all regulatory changes. Plus, you receive signature-ready filing (5500) and annual documentation.

Have your goals changed? We advise an annual meeting to make sure your plan tracks your company life cycles.

How We Serve is as Important as the Services We Offer

Navigating retirement plan options, monitoring regulatory changes, checking compensation ratios and the multitude of other steps involved in 401(k) plan administration demands an obsessive attention to detail. We bring it, every day.

Yet as important as this is, we always remember that each of these details connects to, and has an impact on, an individual: on you or your employees.

Our team goes beyond the charts and graphs to maintain a human perspective. Being attentive to clarity in our communication and providing helpful education during the process are just two of the ways we put service right next to detail-orientation at the top of our agenda.

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