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Reducing Stress Through More Accurate Data

Payroll Management Services

Retirement plan administration is heavily dependent on timely and accurate information sharing, and among the most critical functions in the process is payroll management.

Without up-to-date inputs, errors can compound quickly, causing confusion and dissatisfaction for employees and plan sponsors, as well as for recordkeepers and administrators. One way to avoid these issues is by taking a collaborative approach to payroll services and retirement plan administration—something that RPSI has been doing for decades.

Two Payroll Management Services

Designed to Prevent Delays and Errors


For a nominal fee per each payroll, we can provide payroll submissions directly to recordkeepers.


We partner with payroll providers to access their data directly, allowing us to perform all necessary administrative services while ensuring the most updated information is always used.

If you are interested in incorporating payroll management services into your retirement plan administration, please call us at (800) 388-0441 and we will help you select the best option for your needs.

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